The Untouchable DJ F.A.M.E.

This is F A M E

His. Story.

He is a consummate professional who loves what he does and is always striving for perfection.

He rocks dance floors with smooth blending skills and an impeccable selection of tracks ranging from the deepest underground dancehall classics, old school, reggae/soca, R&B, and Rap to the newest hits on the street.

He has been schooling club-goers since 2000 with eclectic, yet coherent mixes that span over thirty years of musical genres.

He is known as DJ F.A.M.E.

Biography of DJ F.A.M.E.

Born in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York, Faulyn A. Messam Jr., commonly known as "The Untouchable", DJ F.A.M.E is breaking new grounds in the industry of music and entertainment. His diverse musical sensibility and mixing style is a strong influence to other disc jockeys in the business. Influenced by local neighborhood DJs, DJ F.A.M.E. quickly established himself as one of the hardest working and highly skilled DJ's holding down many weekly events.

In the business since the year 2000, DJ F.A.M.E. has flawlessly, successfully, persistently, and continuously captivated his audience. Seeing the local neighborhood DJ's spinning house parties, DJ F.A.M.E., one night was mesmerized by a neighborhood spinner that controlled everyone's feet and received the admiration from the ladies. Being interested in music for as long as he can remember, DJ F.A.M.E. then started filling his own crates and experimenting on the decks.

The tables came as a way for him to fully express himself and since then everyday has involved practice and of course, having a good time. Sticking to the traditional Turntables, DJ F.A.M.E. is putting the essence back into what it means to be a TRUE DJ. Compared to other DJs who are out there already, you can also find him in da DJ Booth playing in some of the tri-state areas premier nightspots like Intrigue Night Club in Long Island and Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, and even overseas in New York Disco in Hangzhou, China. Developing a faithful following everywhere that he goes.

As a DJ, no one can question F.A.M.E.'s versatility; whether he's creating a night woven with sinister and mysterious beats, or charging up the dance floor with electrifying vocals backed with hard grooves, DJ F.A.M.E. intuitively works a room with his creative mixing and programming style, playing music for the masses, as well as the most discriminating audiences. A role model to many, F.A.M.E. is continuously working and keeping his name on the streets by tutoring fellow constituents, hosting events, networking and distributing music.

He places essence back into what it means to be a true disc jockey.

He faultlessly puts music in motion.

He is the Foremost Alienated Maestro Ever...

He is known as DJ F.A.M.E.
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His. Agenda.

A man on the move. A man of motion.
Domestic. International. Global.
Keeping track of DJ F.A.M.E.'s location
is no easy feat, #FAMESpeed.

His. Art.

His. Info.



New York, USA

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